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it should also eat the ] of mmm]

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: it should also eat the ] of mmm]
Date: 19 Dec 2001 02:08:17 +0800
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It's discrimination I tell ya, otherwise why does M-D M-D eat in steps thusly:

[bla mmm]

I mean, it ate the         [ of [bla along with the bla,
So, it should also eat the ] of mmm] along with the mmm.

[ b l a SPC m m m ] C-a <escape> d <escape> d

Don't tell me about syntax tables, etc.  I'm sure there are very good 
reasons for doing this and to fix it would break everything else.  I'm
just trying to find things that would look odd to the basic user here
in emacs -q fundamental mode. 

Wait! it is probably better to eat thusly:
[bla mmm]
bla mmm]

I don't know.  My job is just to recognize the inequities.  Your job
is to think of what if anything should be done about it.  My brain
says "oh! inequity!".  If you want me to also say what should be done
about it, it would certainly mess up emacs...
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