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lessen user alarm when coding system is questioned

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: lessen user alarm when coding system is questioned
Date: 19 Dec 2001 05:11:22 +0800
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if one day the user sees

        These default coding systems were tried:
          iso-latin-1-unix chinese-big5
        However, none of them safely encodes the target text.

        Select one of the following safe coding systems:

he will most probably be alarmed and want to know just what happened
to his file.  Indeed, he may be 100 times more interested to find out
which one character in his file is causing this message, and track it
down and fix it, before saving the file!

Therefore on this same screen it should say:

"You have the right to appeal.  You may hit C-g now and type M-x

Or there should be another existing program mentioned that will
produce a report on what stuff lays in what parts of his file.
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