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Re: Bulgarian language environment

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: Bulgarian language environment
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 17:12:26 +0200
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Dave Love wrote:

I made such an environment, with a properly-defined windows-1251 and
an additional `bulgarian-pho' input method.  Sorry, I thought I had
replied previously about that.

Thank you for telling this. I was really confused what is the correct way to help including bulgarian in GNU Emacs when noone replied to my mails. (This is my second mail -- the previous one was about 2 months ago.)

Phonetic input method is the dominant in Bulgaria, but BDS (Bulgarian Country Standard keyboard layout) is important too. BDS is much more suited for fast typing and some people love it very much.

It isn't installed yet.  I have been discussing Cyrillic support with
Handa-san and may need to ask for opinions from users on what is the
best way to do some things.  One thing that isn't clear is whether it
is better to use mule-unicode characters uniformly or to mix them with
8859-5, which take half the space in the buffer.

If using 8859-5 is hidden from the user, why not? :) As a bulgarian there are two points of interest:

1. Using windows-1251 for loading and storing files/buffers.
2. Using both bulgarian phonetic and bulgarian standard input methods.
   (Probably as different language environments as i've done.)

Ognyan Kulev <address@hidden>, "\"Programmer\""

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