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Re: emacs -nw font-lock-mode colors non-ideal?

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: emacs -nw font-lock-mode colors non-ideal?
Date: 25 Dec 2001 09:35:14 +0800
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$ emacs -q -nw -eval "(setq frame-background-mode 'dark)" .bashrc
[then turn on font-lock-mode] doesn't help... does anybody else find
difficulty reading dark blue on black?

By the way please fix Help:
|Set this to the symbol `dark' if your background color is dark, `light' if
|your background is light, or nil (default) if you want Emacs to
|examine the brightness for you.  Don't set this variable with `setq';
|this won't have the expected effect.

well, if one shouldn't set it with setq, then the Help should tell the
user just how and where to set it.

>> On a white background, are the yellows too light to read?

Eli> Not on my terminal.  Where do you see the yellow color that is
Eli> too bright?

for instance alias xx in .bashrc

>> or their
>> brightness/contrast dials are different than mine, or more likely, my
>> setup is odd-ball, as lynx does similar antics so I have to do
>> TERM=vt100 lynx.

Eli> It's possible that the X colors that your setup defines for the
Eli> 16 standard ANSI colors are not ideal, or perhaps your display's
Eli> gamma correction needs some futzing.

You are probably right... Uh oh, sounds technical.  Maybe emacs should
provide a "welcome to emacs initialization hand-holding adjuster
script. are all the words on below readable? []yes []no...., if no,
please view this standard jpg to see if you system needs adjusting or
emacs needs adjusting"... "proceeding to adjust emacs -nw colors
... how's that yellow? ok, hold on, launching M-x doctor

Hmm, I know, make a screen shot of what all the colors should look
like for emacs -nw on normal and reverse video situations, and we will
click on it and see if yellow on white and midnight blue on black are
OK perhaps...
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