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search strings: remember on a per-buffer basis

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: search strings: remember on a per-buffer basis
Date: 26 Dec 2001 17:43:51 +0800
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Maybe search strings should be remembered on a per-buffer basis.
Maybe not.

E.g. I search for Kabul in buffer Afghanistan, I then search for
Nashville in buffer Tennessee.  I switch back to buffer Afghanistan
and hit C-s C-s.  Wouldn't it be better to search again for Kabul than

I say also maybe not, because in some situations this might be an
impediment... anyway, make it an option, and also if a buffer hasn't
had its first search yet, use the last search done elsewhere as the

By the way, when one hits a single C-s, might it be the time to give a
hint about what we will go searching for if we were to hit another
C-s?  I mean when we hit the second C-s we are already swept along on
the mighty re-search journey before we know what hit us.
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