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Re: blast, overwrote another forgotten *compilation* buffer

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: blast, overwrote another forgotten *compilation* buffer
Date: 28 Dec 2001 17:35:10 +0800
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>>>>> "K" == Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:

K> I hope the Emacs maintainers don't spend any effort to implement
K> your suggested solutions to a hypothetical problem that (1) you
K> haven't actually experienced

Did too.  Just happened again.  I started a compilation of html-tidy,
switched to another buffer and forgot about it.  Later on I did some
other compilation.  After an hour I remembered the tidy compilation,
but when I wanted to see the result log... gone, overwritten by the
new compilation.  It was the going to the disco part that was

K>  and (2) haven't tried to solve via the features already provided
K> (e.g. customizing compilation-buffer-name-function).

Well, OK.  Do I have to do this in public?

(defun my-compilation-buffer-name-function (maj-mode)
"my buffer name individulaizer.  Helps me not to stomp forgotten
compilation logs so fast... maybe upon exiting emacs, we should also
somehow ask about compilation buffers that we haven't taken a look at
after their compilation finished."
(concat "*" (downcase maj-mode) " "
;(file-name-nondirectory default-directory....) ;too bad I don't know how
;to do an exact replica of "basname `pwd`" but in lisp. So I guess
;I'll have to settle for
(setq compilation-buffer-name-function 'my-compilation-buffer-name-function)

[By the way, From reading the Help for
compilation-buffer-name-function I thought one was supposed to defun
compilation-buffer-name-function ... maybe next time give an example
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