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updated xscheme.el

From: Chris Hanson
Subject: updated xscheme.el
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 23:45:43 -0500
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   Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 19:44:40 -0700 (MST)
   From: Richard Stallman <address@hidden>

   Well, actually not quite.  In our change logs we want to list the
   functions changed and how they were changed.  Could you please add
   that info?

OK, how's this?  Unfortunately there have been so many changes that
this is a very large log entry.

2002-01-01  Chris Hanson  <address@hidden>

        * xscheme.el: Eleven years of updates on a private copy.
        Extensive changes to support multiple xscheme buffers:
        (run-scheme): Break up into new functions to facilitate starting
        processes in other buffers.
        (xscheme-start, xscheme-read-command-line): New functions.
        (start-scheme, select-scheme)
        (verify-xscheme-buffer): New functions.
        (xscheme-process-name, xscheme-buffer-name)
        (xscheme-runlight): New internal vars.
        (default-xscheme-runlight): New const.
        (xscheme-start-process): Add args for the process/buffer names.
        (reset-scheme): Pass process/buffer names.
        (scheme-interaction-mode): Initialize new local vars.
        (reset-scheme, xscheme-send-string-2, xscheme-process-running-p)
        (xscheme-select-process-buffer, xscheme-process-buffer)
        (xscheme-send-region, xscheme-send-char, xscheme-send-interrupt)
        (xscheme-goto-output-point, xscheme-write-message-1): Use new
        var xscheme-process-name.
        (xscheme-start-process): Initialize xscheme-process-name and
        xscheme-buffer-name in the process buffer.  Pass buffer name to
        (xscheme-modeline-initialize): Add argument to specify buffer name
        for mode-line vars.
        (xscheme-process-sentinel): Make sure sentinel is run in the
        process buffer so it sees its local vars.
        (xscheme-process-filter-initialize, xscheme-set-runlight): More
        elaborate logic to handle multiple-buffer mode lines.

        (xscheme-enter-input-wait): Re-enable control-G handler upon
        entering input wait.

        (scheme-interaction-mode): Add arg to preserve local vars.
        (xscheme-enter-debugger-mode): Preserve local vars.
        (xscheme-start-process): Clobber local vars.

        (scheme-interaction-mode-commands): Allow end user to add commands
        to scheme-interaction-mode keymap.
        (scheme-interaction-mode-commands-alist): New variable.

        (xscheme-send-string): Don't use insert-before-markers.

        Implement a per-buffer kill ring:
        (xscheme-rotate-yank-pointer, xscheme-yank)
        (xscheme-yank-pop, xscheme-yank-push): New functions.
        (xscheme-expressions-ring-max): New variables.
        (xscheme-send-string-1): Call xscheme-insert-expression to save
        expression in ring.
        (xscheme-yank-previous-send): Now an alias for xscheme-yank.
        (xscheme-previous-send): Deleted variable.

        (xscheme-send-string-2, xscheme-send-char, xscheme-send-proceed,
        xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt): Use process-send-string rather
        than send-string.

        (xscheme-send-region): Insert a newline after an expression that
        is submitted in the interaction buffer, for consistency with
        recent changes to Edwin.

        (xscheme-delete-output): New function mimics comint-delete-output.
        (xscheme-last-input-end): New internal variable.
        (xscheme-process-filter-output): Update xscheme-last-input-end.

        (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt): Make sure that
        xscheme-control-g-disabled-p is looked up in the right buffer.

        (xscheme-enable-control-g): Clear C-g message if visible.
        (xscheme-control-g-message-string): New internal var.
        (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt): Use new var.

        (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt, xscheme-send-interrupt): Delay
        after sending interrupt in order to work around race condition.

        (xscheme-send-control-g-interrupt, xscheme-send-interrupt)
        (xscheme-send-char): Use xscheme-send-char rather than send-string
        to send single char.

        (xscheme-process-filter, xscheme-process-filter-alist): Add
        support for evaluating expressions outside of the call-excursion.
        (xscheme-process-filter:string-action-noexcursion): New func.

        (xscheme-write-value): Change output string to match that used by

        (xscheme-coerce-prompt): Don't write a space after a command
        prompt.  The PROMPT-FOR-COMMAND- procedures will take care of this
        for us.

        (reset-scheme): Delete process after killing it.

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