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Millions of Movies and Pictures? I know how... 4286

From: cwlkhg
Subject: Millions of Movies and Pictures? I know how... 4286
Date: 4 Jan 2002 12:59:45 GMT


PICgrabber - The software that finds millions of free movies and pictures for 

You no longer have to search through an endless array of pages to locate

Movies & Images. Simply enter the name or a keyword and let PICgrabber do the 
work for you.


- Scans the web with Keywords

- Scans any given start URL

- Downloads all found Images / Movies / MP3 automatically

- Included Imageviewer / Mediaplayer

- Supports: AVI / MPEG / GIF/ ANIMATED GIF / JPEG / MP3 / etc.

- and more...

Looking for Movie Trailers, funny Movie Clips, Wallpaper, great 3D Images, 
Pictures or

cool Backgrounds? PICgrabber will find them on the internet for you for free.

Don't pay for member sites when there is plenty of free content available on 
the net.

PICgrabber will locate and download all the files they contain and fast!

Free download at http://www.movies-free.net

Great software...

Thanks and Regards,

Vince Harden

mail: address@hidden

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the net,

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get movies and pictures about: towns, country, erotic, model, pinup, fun, 
flowers, cars,

travel, animals, just about everything...

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