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Re: Emacs 21.1 w2k: format-time-string %b is different than in 20.7

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Emacs 21.1 w2k: format-time-string %b is different than in 20.7
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 17:37:35 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1.50

address@hidden (Jari Aalto+mail.emacs) writes:

> Thank you,
> I tried:
>     Environment variable LC_ALL=en_US
>     Registry Software/Gnu/Emacs  LANG=en  or LANG=en_US
> None worked :-(

Maybe because Windows does not recognize those locales; try "eng" as I
suggested. But I had trouble getting those to take effect for month
names in ls-lisp too, so maybe Emacs is assuming that the system
library will take note of those environment variables itself (which is
not true on Windows, I think).

Looking at the source of ls-lisp and the functions it uses, setting
system-time-locale will probably do what you want.

> The interesting question I have, why 20.7
> does display the familiar "Jan" but 21.1 des not in the
> same machine with identical settings?

Emacs 20.7 on Windows always defaulted to English for everything.
Emacs 21.1 looks at the system locale at startup, and initializes the
language environment from that. Except for the case of month names in
some locales, the behaviour of 21.1 is preferable for most users I

Jason Rumney

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