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Re: I can back up over all kinds of prompts with C-b

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: I can back up over all kinds of prompts with C-b
Date: 08 Jan 2002 04:27:01 +0800
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>>>>> "Mi" == Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

Mi> The implementation as it stand tries to make entering the prompt
Mi> something you won't do by accident, but not to prevent you from doing
Mi> it on purpose; I think it basically succeeds pretty well at that.

Hurmf... who says I use ^B less than ^A ... wait, I know, have it act
like before, but, when in the minibuffer, have a special unlocker key
sequence one could type in case one felt the need to go over into the
prompt...  and even the modeline.  OK, i will turn it off as Eli

True, if these new features weren't foisted upon us, we would never
learn about them, as the NEWS file doesn't necessarily have lasting
impressions on us old dogs.

Wait a second,
Help> minibuffer-prompt-properties's value is (read-only t)
Help> Documentation:
Help> Text properties that are added to minibuffer prompts.
Help> These are in addition to the basic `field' property, and stickiness
Help> properties.

wait a second, you got a lot more explaining to do, Mr. Help System,
before I have confidence to tinker with this.  Indeed the special
setting Eli mentioned isn't even mentioned here.  Perhaps I'm supposed
to look elsewhere, but the answers should all be here.

Help> You can customize this variable.

Perhaps the answer lies here, but you know what?  I hate using that
customization auto-system jazz... I just want to edit my .emacs by
hand and not have to go into some auto quiz soda pop push button
machine that I don't want to learn and then it goes writing things I
don't understand into my .emacs.
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