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From: jerry jerry
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 03:26:48 -0800

PHONE: 234-01-08023011378 
fAX  : 234-01-7590694
Prince Akin Aladede

 I am Price Akin AladedeBola, a Sierra-Leonian and
 son of late captain Foday Nasinga Kogi of blessedmemory.
 He was the chief security officer in charge of purchasing arms and
 ammunitions for the Revolutionary United Front[RUF],
 that was fighting to unseat the elected President of
 Sierra Leone, Tejan Kabbah.  My father was among the army officers who
died in
 detention as a result of his role in the Government of
 Major Johnny Paul Koromah who was the RUF leader ,
but now in exile following the fall of his Government.
 Before my father’s execution my mother and I were
 invited to meet with him while in detention, it was
 during this ugly moment that he revealed to me that
 he has the sum of USD18.5m[Eighteen million five
 hundred thousand US dollars], in packs of USD100 bills
 deposited in a security and finance firm in Lome,
 Republic of Togo in his personal name and particulars.
 The fund was meant for the purchase of arms and
 ammunitions for the RUF but due to lack of banking
 facilities at Taima where they had the military base
 and the encroachment of the West African Economic
 Community Monitoring Group[ECOMOG] with their heavy
 offensive ,my father had to lift the money in a large
 trunk box to Togo to enable them conclude logisticsforthe large purchase.

 My mother , Mrs. Patricia Mma Kogi died only 14 days
 after my father was executed. She died with my only
 sister ,as a result of a bomb shell while praying in a
 church in our suburb. My brothers [Kenneth & George]
 and I had to leave Sierra Leone via a Ghanian ship
 for Lome, Togo. I have since contacted the security
 company as regards the deposit and my intendingplansto retrieve thetrunk.

 MY INTENTION After a careful study of your business
 outfit through the internet,I must have to commend
 you for the wealth of experience you have acquired
 over the years in diverse fields of business andmanagement. 
 I am therefore, left with no doubt that one is going
 to enjoy a happy and fruitful working relationship
 with you considering your level of expertise. Sequel
 to the above , I intend and request as follows; 
 A] To give you 20% of the total money after transfer
 to your nominated account and offset as well any or
 all expenses you may have incurred in the course ofthesaid transfer.
 B] To invest USD12m in your establishment
 C] The capital investment of the USD12m should be made
 for a minimum period of 5 years 
 D] That my brothers and I have the right to review the
 placement after a period of 5 years or withdrawtheplacement in full.
 E] The proceed[profit] of this investment should be
 shared 70% to us and 30% to you. F] This investment must be outsideAfrica
 mustbeunder insurance cover.
 Thanks for your understanding and due consideration
 as your immediate response will be highlyappreciated. 
 Prince Akin Aladede

jerry jerry
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