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dired by date modeline coverup conspiracy

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dired by date modeline coverup conspiracy
Date: 10 Jan 2002 10:42:59 +0800
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In dired if one uses ^u s and adds -latu, the modeline still says
'dired by date'.  Only if one does something radical like adding -X
does it say otherwise.

I say still saying "dired by date" is misleading in the case of -tc,
-tu etc.  Why the cover-up?

> Ah, more pseudo-problems, and now even a "cover up".  Sounds like a
> lack of vitamin B-12 on the part of the poster.  Are you talking to
> yourself again in netnews?

This loss of information one day will lead to somebody making some
disastrous decision thinking he is seeing -t information when forgot
he had set -tu before he went to the wash room and his zipper got
stuck so he couldn't leave.  [Happened to me at age 4.  At the time I
had never been instructed what to do next in such a case...]
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