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Re: emacs -nw: share mouse cut & pastes from other X windows

From: David desJardins
Subject: Re: emacs -nw: share mouse cut & pastes from other X windows
Date: 09 Jan 2002 17:06:34 -0800

Kim F. Storm (invalid address) writes:
> What's wrong with *any feature* as long as 
> a) it is not enabled by default, or
> b) you can turn it off ?

I suspect that this attitude is why Emacs has such a proliferation of
misfeatures.  What's wrong with a huge number of new annoying
"features", which have to be individually turned off, is that each Emacs
user, like me, ends up with multi-hundred-line customization files, much
of that dedicated just to turning off various features.  Not only do I
have to continually synchronize those customizations between the many
machines that I use, but then I have to deal with all sorts of
weirdnesses any time I use someone else's Emacs.

Certainly one effect of the proliferation of new "features" is that I
delay upgrading to new versions for as long as possible, so that I don't
have to figure out and turn off all the new stuff.  That's a real cost,
because there are also bug fixes and real improvements that I don't
get.  I know that I am by no means unusual in this regard.  This also
means that the complexity of my init files is further increased, because
I'm running different versions on different machines (I can't always
control what Emacs version is installed).  It's not all that long since
I finally got rid of the last Emacs 19-specific code in my .emacs.

> For this feature, the necessary code in .emacs would be trivial:
>         (unless window-system
>           (setq interprogram-paste-function nil))

I suspect that Dan would want Emacs kill commands to write to the cut
buffer also.  So I'd probably have to turn that off too.

                                        David desJardins

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