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Display bug with Exceed

From: Tim Bedding
Subject: Display bug with Exceed
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 14:45:02 -0000

The PROBLEMS file mentions a bug I am hitting
(presumably in Exceed):

  Under some Windows X-serves, Emacs' display is incorrect

I am already using the settings suggested in the workround.
I am running Exceed on Windows 2000 Professional.

I do not think I have the level of support needed to
get a fix to the X server.

Could we have an emacs enhancement variable, workround-exceed-bug?
The default would be nil but a value of t would cause
Emacs to do more drawing and thus provided a workround.

Just a thought which might appeal to someone...

For me, the boxes are called:
Auto Copy X Selection
Auto Paste to X Selection

I mention this last bit in case you want to update the
PROBLEMS file with the info...

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