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strategy for maintaining Info-path for both standalone & emacs

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: strategy for maintaining Info-path for both standalone & emacs
Date: 19 Jan 2002 09:38:56 +0800
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Dear sirs, what is the correct strategy for manipulating the Info path
so that it works both for standalone Info and Emacs' Info?

It occurred to me that I should no longer mess with
Info-directory-list and  Info-default-directory-list in .emacs, and
instead do all changes via $INFOPATH, so that I can kill two birds
with one stone, as standalone Info doesn't know about .emacs, I think.

With PATH, I can do PATH=bla:$PATH, but I don't feel comfortable about
doing this for $INFOPATH ...

By the way
$ info info
doesn't mention $INFOPATH, and instead refers one to emacs' variables,
where only then does one dig out mention of $INFOPATH.

Oops... it seems that I am posting this to the bug group.... OK, it is
a bug that any emacs document would encourage tinkering with this
stuff in .emacs, where the standalone info reader would miss out on
the changes. [which caused me to see older info pages, which someone
might not notice at first, only later to exclaim "Damn, I was reading
the 5.8.7 manual all along.  I wanted to avoid the wait/weight of
starting emacs for just a quick look at the manual, and instead I got
a subtlety older manual."
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