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Re: hash-table

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: hash-table
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:19:45 +0100
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"Pach Roman (GS/EEP3) *" <address@hidden> writes:

|> Hello,
|> I'm just testing the emacs hash implementation (GNU Emacs 21.1.1
|> (i386-mingw-nt4.0.1381)).
|> The following piece of code does not function correctly:
|> (progn 
|>   (setq dump-buffer (get-buffer "*scratch*"))
|>   (defun print-key-value (key value)
|>      (princ (format "(key,val) = ('%s' '%s')\n" key value) dump-buffer)
|>      )
|>   (defun case-fold-string= (a b)
|>      (compare-strings a nil nil b nil nil t))

Your compare function is broken, it always returns non-nil, so that all
hash keys are considered equal.


Andreas Schwab, SuSE Labs, address@hidden
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