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Re: it should also eat the ] of mmm]

From: David desJardins
Subject: Re: it should also eat the ] of mmm]
Date: 24 Jan 2002 15:07:07 -0800

Dan Jacobson (invalid address) writes:
> why does M-D M-D eat in steps thusly:

C-h k M-d

will give you the answer.

"Kill characters forward until encountering the end of a word."

I don't agree that this is difficult to understand.  You don't need to
know anything about "syntax tables" to know that the "]" character is
not part of a word.

> My job is just to recognize the inequities.

I think you should focus on bugs instead.  Or post to
gnu.emacs.inequities, if you're worried about discrimination against the
"]" character.

                                        David desJardins

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