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emacs 21.1.1 dies under win98se using whell of mouse

From: Miguel
Subject: emacs 21.1.1 dies under win98se using whell of mouse
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 23:45:50 +0100

hello, i think i found a bug in emacs. I can reproduce it without problems, but only with my win98se computer, not the windows 2000 one. It's very simple: I open emacs (i have quite a few customization made in de "_emacs" file, but i think all standard packages, can send you it if you want) I place de mouse pointer over it, press control ( or shift ) and at the same time I turn de mouse whell up and down. It generates a protection fault ("this program has generated a protection fault...." ) an dies... It's a win 98se (Spanish version) laptop (p166 32 mb ram) the mouse is a logitech mouse whell with up to date drivers and with most(if not all) win patches installed. It's quite stable and it doesn't seem to be any problem else were... (very few bsod).
On my win2k box an almost identical emacs installation runs without problems.

Hope this bug report helps improving this wonderfull program!
thanks for your time

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