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Re: french-prefix input method

From: David Kuehling
Subject: Re: french-prefix input method
Date: 31 Jan 2002 17:00:53 +0100

>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> On 30 Jan 2002, David Kuehling wrote:

>> In GNU Emacs 21.1.1, the input method `french-prefix' seems to have a
>> bug. Whenever I type ", " (comma-space), that input is translated to
>> "~"

> I don't see this on my machine.

Are you using a newer Emacs version? I was also able to reproduce that
bug with Emacs 20.7 and an Emacs 20.6. I also tried "emacs -q". Didn't

>> which makes it quite hard to type commas. Is this just a typo in the
>> "french" part of `iso-languages' in `iso-acc.el'?

> Sorry, I don't understand: iso-acc.el has nothing to do with the
> french-prefix input method.

Sorry, I searched for the file using "grep" and forgot to search the
"leim" directory. The location of the problem seems thus to be
`latin-pre.el', which defines the rule `(", " ?~)' after
`(quail-define-package\n "french-prefix" ...)

But `iso-acc.el' has the same bug, though.  The definition for the
comma-prefix of french is: `(?, (?C .  ?\307) (?c . ?\347) (?\ . ?\~)))'
(Compare with comma-prefix of portuguese: `(?, (?c . ?\347) (?C . ?\307)
(?, . ?,)))')

However this bug can't take effect, since by default
`iso-accents-enable' does not enable that prefix. I tried that manually:

M-x b *scratch* <ret>
(setq iso-accents-enable (append iso-accents-enable '(\?)))^j
M-x iso-accents-customize <ret> french <ret>
M-x iso-accents-mode

Now comma-space is converted to "~".

Another missing feature of the french-prefix input method is, that it
doesn't accept the accent-aigu character ("´") of my german keyboard. I
have to type an apostroph ("'") instead, which is not really intuitive.

                                                        David Kühling

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