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address me personally

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: address me personally
Date: 02 Feb 2002 03:37:14 +0800
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[The following is not an intelligent message.]

Fellas, aren't we tired of that cold emacs that even though we call it
by its name for almost 20 years, it hardly knows our name.

Introducing the new variable
if t, when asking in the minbuffer, get our name from the ENV, so as
to ask more personally, e.g.
"Charles, shall we save all buffers?"
if 'sir
"Sir, shall we save all buffers?"
if nil
"save all buffers?"

if 'obsequious
"Sir, shall we save all buffers?"
if 'hip-pal
"Dude, save all buffers?"
if 'abusive
"save all your goddamn buffers, as if they were worth something?"
if 'kinky
"Mmmm, save all buffers? ooooh"
if nil, use the current cold stuff
"Save all buffers?"

I mean Microsnoft has the talking paper clip... how is emacs to "keep
up with the times", while retaining the that flat unsmiling
minibuffer-mouth at the bottom of the screen.
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