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Buffer has shrunk a lot; auto-saving thrown to winds

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Buffer has shrunk a lot; auto-saving thrown to winds
Date: 02 Feb 2002 05:58:35 +0800
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[this might not have got posted]
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Fellas, I just got the message "Buffer XXX has shrunk a lot; auto save
turned off there".

1. looks like a pretty important message... what if I was doing a lot
   of commands that involved the minibuffer, or else generally typing
   fast... would there be a chance that I would have not noticed the
   message?  Maybe have it come up in a new minibuffer at the top of
   the screen?

2. You assume that know what is right and throw autosaving to the
   winds... it just so happens that I had inserted a large chunk of
   text and then whittled it back down to size... Yes I then did M-x
   auto-save-mode when I saw the above message, as there is no reason
   that I don't want auto-save protection now that I've whittled it
   back down to size...

3. OK, I see in Info that after a while auto-saving will be turned
   back on, however, instead of throwing auto-saving to the winds
   momentarily, why not save the former bigger file to a new secondary
   auto-save file, and just continue the normal auto-saving to the
   standard auto-save file.  This has the bonus that auto-saving is on
   at all times---we don't assume we are smarter than the user
   anymore---also if indeed he did delete much valuable text, it still
   will be somewhere instead of wiped out forever when autosaving gets
   turned back on eventually under the current scheme.

I suppose when he does save the file we can dispose of all the auto
save files, however "text shrunk a lot since last save... leaving
secondary autosave file on disk" might be also good...

4.  BTW, The current message "auto save turned off there" gives no
    reassurance that the coverage outage is momentary, as mention only
    in Info.  Also it would be nice for the message to mention when
    auto-saving will be turned back on so I know if I should bother
    turning it back on manually.

5.  Or maybe just suddenly ask the user "Hey, Charles, Buffer XXX has
    shrunk a lot, Like, are you serious man? y/n"....
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