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Re: function defined in .emacs: so what's the big secret?

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: function defined in .emacs: so what's the big secret?
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 13:05:13 +0200

> From: Dan Jacobson <address@hidden>
> Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.bug
> Date: 02 Feb 2002 08:24:17 +0800
> switch-to-other-buffer is an interactive Lisp function.
> (switch-to-other-buffer)
> not documented
> OK, but where was this function defined?  Doesn't emacs often tell me
> what file I might find it in, etc.?
> Oh... it was defined in my .emacs file!  OK, can't the mighty emacs
> mention something to that effect

It does for me: I tried several functions from my .emacs, and Emacs
did say they were defined in ~/.emacs.  I also tried an otherwise
empty .emacs with the definition of your switch-to-other-buffer, and
it also worked.

What version of Emacs did you try that in?  (It's Emacs 21.x here.)

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