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privacy change for mm-view

From: Dave Love
Subject: privacy change for mm-view
Date: 05 Feb 2002 16:17:59 +0000
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This change uses a feature of development W3 to avoid triggering
typical `web bugs' &c by disabling HTTP fetches when processing `HTML'
mail.  I'm not sure what `url-standalone-mode', but
`url-gateway-unplugged' chops all HTTP downloads.

*** mm-view.el.~1.5.~   Wed Aug  1 14:44:45 2001
--- mm-view.el  Wed Dec  5 20:36:24 2001
*** 198,204 ****
  (defun mm-w3-prepare-buffer ()
    (require 'w3)
!   (let ((url-standalone-mode t))
  (defun mm-view-message ()
--- 198,205 ----
  (defun mm-w3-prepare-buffer ()
    (require 'w3)
!   (let ((url-standalone-mode t)
!       (url-gateway-unplugged t))
  (defun mm-view-message ()

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