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Re: operation of 'round' function

From: Ronan Waide
Subject: Re: operation of 'round' function
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 17:57:19 +0000

On February 7, address@hidden said:
> On February 7, address@hidden said:
> > 0.5 is exactly halfway between 0 and 1, so the additional rule is that in
> > case of a tie the even number is used.
> Um.
> That makes no sense whatsover.

Okay, I retract that, it makes partial sense:


Having straw-polled a bunch of people, the Principle of Least User
Astonishment applied to this function would be that 0.5 always gets
rounded upwards.

Ronan Waide / Java Developer / euroConex Technologies Ltd.

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address@hidden (Ronan Waide) wrote:

> If you ask any person who's done basic fractional math, or
> indeed any language other than elisp that supports the concept
> of rounding fractional numbers, you will find that 0.5 is
> /always/ rounded up.

If all they have is basic math, and/or little experience with
rounding, then yes, I guess you are right.

However, if you ask people who have been working with the details
on rounding in several different languages and know about the
relavant parts of the POSIX and IEEE standards, you will probably
not get that answer.


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