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Re: font-lock fails

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: font-lock fails
Date: 10 Feb 2002 11:33:40 -0500
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>>>>> "Roland" == Roland Winkler <address@hidden> writes:
>   "*Assoc list specifying the available executables.
> Each item has the form \(RELEASE MAPLE MAPLE-INIFILE MINT\)
> where RELEASE is the Maple release corresponding to the
> executables MAPLE and MINT.  MAPLE must be the command line
> (non-GUI) version of Maple.  MAPLE-INIFILE is the maple
> initialization file for running Maple under Emacs.
> If nil the default initialization file is used."

With the CVS version of Emacs, the open-paren-in-column-zero is
highlighted in bold-red to indicate that it should be fixed
(by adding a backslash before it).


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