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Re: ange-scp remote file access?

From: phr-2002
Subject: Re: ange-scp remote file access?
Date: 15 Feb 2002 07:08:09 -0000

    > From: address@hidden
    > Date: 15 Feb 2002 03:40:18 -0000
    > I may have asked this before and forgotten the answer.  Is there
    > a patch available to do Emacs remote file access (ala Ange-FTP)
    > with scp instead of FTP?  Thanks.

    Look for Tramp.

Thanks.  Tramp is at <http://tramp.sourceforge.net>.  It looks like
just what I want.

I hope Tramp can become part of the standard Emacs distribution.
People really shouldn't use ftp to access non-public accounts or move
private files over the internet any more.


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