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isearch screws display

From: Mats Järgenstedt
Subject: isearch screws display
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:43:22 +0100 (MET)

>> I have a file with tab separated values and when I use C-s C-w, the
>> numbers tend to move a few spaces to the left, screwing upp what I
>> see. The file is not corrupted, only the dislplay, so C-l works.
>Could you please post a small fragment from that file, so that we
>could reproduce this?

The smallest fragment that reproduced it comes at the end.  I wanted
my file to appear truncated at the right fringe, so I splitted the
window with C-x 3 and enlarged the left window until I only saw one of
the fringes of the right window. (I understand there is a better way,
but I do not know how).

The bug:
when I typed C-s 2 1 4 5 C-q 2 1 4 5

and then pressed forward arrow, the 2146 at the end of the string
became 22146. I'm sorry, but I cannot reproduce it once I have closed
and reopened emacs. Maybe it was because of the silly way to use the

2148    2147    2152    2151    2147    2150    2148    2152    2152    2152    
2152    2149    2158    2154    2154    2152    2152    2148    2151    2145    
2146    2145    2145    2146    

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