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Re: sgml-mode.el: html-close-tag

From: Felix Natter
Subject: Re: sgml-mode.el: html-close-tag
Date: 16 Feb 2002 11:06:21 +0100
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"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/emacs/address@hidden> writes:

> > (defvar html-close-tag-extra-empty-tags '()
> >   "List of (names of) extra tags which are not closed.")
> > => IMHO there should be an `sgml-extra-empty-tags' variable, because
> > this is mostly used buffer-locally and you want to say:
> > 
> > Local Variables:
> > sgml-extra-empty-tags: ("p" "li")
> > End:
> These aren't really "empty tags" but tags for which it is legal (in SGML
> but not in XML) to drop the closing tag.

That's why I wanted to say _extra_ empty tags. 

> I agree that there should be
> such a sgml-unclosed-tags (or some such name) and it could also be used

Well, I still think that your idea of "unclosed tags" is just like
my idea of "empty tags".

I wanted to name it `sgml-extra-empty-tags' because from
sgml-close-tag's point of view (and sgml-tag's point of view, as far
as I can tell), it has the same purpose as `sgml-empty-tags'.

Local Variables:
sgml-extra-empty-tags: ("p" "li")
=> If `sgml-xml' then "<p />" else "<p>"

> by a hypothetical indentation algorithm (my hope is that the xml-lite
> indentation algorithm can be generalized to support it so that it can
> also be used for sgml indentation).

That (sgml-indentation) would be difficult: either we add a function
which parses a dtd (but IMHO that is PSGML's purpose) or the user
will have to specify everything. I guess you know that ;-)
> > => As it says in the docstring: this is not very useful, but it doesn't
> > hurt if we give it a long name like `sgml-close-tag-ignore-nesting' ?
> There's no problem with long names.

That was not my point. I was just saying that it is less disturbing
if it is called sgml-close-tag-* because users will know that it is
only relevant in `sgml-close-tag'.

Felix Natter

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