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1 million emails for sale - �5

From: Email Marketing
Subject: 1 million emails for sale - 5
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 08:36:10 -0000

Bulk email list for sale: 

1 million emails in total, including 200,000 UK. Emails have been
validated, removing the bad ones. List comes on a CD in two files in
"comma separated value" format, one file contains 200,000 UK addresses,
and the other contains 1 million of the world + uk.

The CD is available for just £5 inc p&p! 

To order the CD send a cheque or PO to:

Office 434
405 Kings Rd
London SW10 OBB

The CD will be sent out by first class post when your money has been
Note: The list does NOT contain any personal information (eg names of
email owners)

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