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emacs + scrolling

From: Thomas Roth
Subject: emacs + scrolling
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:53:30 +0100

I've just installed GNU Emacs 21.1. Looks very nice. Yet, to my utter 
disbelief, the default for vertical scrolling is still fucking old 
jump-scroll. Sorry for the language, but I cannot imagine anybody making use 
of that instead of cursing about it.
 Vertical scrolling you need when you have more than one screenfull of lines, 
that is almost always. You follow the lines on the screen to the last visible 
line or to whereever it is convenient for you, then you have to move the 
contents up. Means you have your eyes fixed to some lower portion of the 
screen - and then the looked for new line appears somewhere else (+middle of 
the screen) and you first have to search it again! Perhaps all Emacs 
programmers use 10 inch font size where that would not matter. For common 
people in userland however it's just a persisting nuisance.


Frustrated Tom

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