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Re: Bug Report (Feature request?) etags (GNU Emacs 21.1)

From: Sven Utcke
Subject: Re: Bug Report (Feature request?) etags (GNU Emacs 21.1)
Date: 20 Feb 2002 17:17:13 +0100

address@hidden (David Masterson) writes:

> >>>>> Francesco Potorti` writes:
> > Maybe this would better be handled by not giving file X to etags to
> > parse.  Should etags correct this common makefile error?  By the
> > way, it wouldn't be so easy, as currently etags processes files
> > independently of each other, in sequence.
> Actually, it should be easy.  Include an option "--ignore-gen-files"
> which means that etags should ignore any generated file. 

But of course this wouldn't help with the _original_ problem.  There I
_must_ check the generated files and want to ignore the original ones
(since etags can not parse them).

> > Going back to the original question, what happens if you give to
> > etags the original .web file, instead of the .c produced from it?
> Again, in large projects, you might run a recursive etags in a
> directory and accidently pick up both.  Given the size of the project,
> it may be sometime before you realize it.  It can be worked around,
> but it can be annoying.

And of course etags might not understand the original .web file (which
is indeed the case --- and I doubt that it could be parsed by simple

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