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Re: Proposing the new dired command "|"

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: Proposing the new dired command "|"
Date: 25 Feb 2002 04:15:23 +0800
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RMS> (I don't plan to implement that command, though.)

ok, anyway an analysis should be done of just how M-! and M-| should
have dired analogs ... yes somebody please analyze it... it just feels
like there is something wrong since in dired there is only "!"
... indeed how could it be that the | key is sitting there
unused... the challenge, gentlemen, [if you decide to accept it
[sounds like Mission Impossible TV show]] is to find just what is the
correct thing to make | do in the dired context... All I know that the
powerful looking "|" key sitting there undefined even up to this very
day, already the 21st century, is, well, freaky.

[below is the communal moon-howling part, for bonding purposes,
regarding "demanding customers" or something.]

Ok, somebody told me to demand, not propose.  Oops I meant propose,
and not demand.

1. Jacobson is of limited brain power, and has "other very important
   things to take care of [like his toenails]", and indeed is quite
   frightened to look under the emacs hood [due to early childhood
   traumatic experiences, anyway, I tried M-x doctor but it didn't
   help, let's just take it as a given that Jacobson is too busy
   looking under other peoples hoods to *******joke terminated[error
   13: boring]

[Jacobson feels, sniff, if even with my Limited Edition brain, I can
still make a, sniff, contribution, be it only a, sniff, proposal, then
it is still worth it [plus it increases my bonus points, redeemable
for 1 free beverage at Heaven's Gates, if still in business!]

   |> ...demand, no.  But propose, yes!

mmm, demand yes too... more kinky, no?
demand too yes no more kinky
kinky demand too more yes
****terminated[27: you're losing it, dude, check marbles]

2. anyways, gosh, sniff, mom said my leadership capaciti*******joke
   terminated[13] ***** post terminated: [failed joke count >= 2].
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