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unicode byte order mark in hexl-mode

From: Frank Herrmann
Subject: unicode byte order mark in hexl-mode
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 19:29:42 +0100


When viewing an excel2000 file (saved in unicode format) in hexl-mode I

00000000: 81ff 81fe 6600 6f00 6f00 0900 6100 0a20  ....f.o.o...a.. 

while the file truly starts with the byte order mark 'fffe'. I checked
it with a C-program and vi. Emacs is also confused about the length of
the file. You cannot move the cursor to the last two bytes.

I use emacs 20.7.1. I have not checked whether this is fixed in emacs
21.1 (I have to keep my transfer rate low). See the attachment for an
example file.

with best regards, 

Frank Herrmann (IDE GmbH)                   address@hidden
Alcatel SEL AG, ZIT/A5                     phone: +49 711 / 821-43049
Lorenzstr. 10            Alcatel Documentation System (ADS) Developer
D-70435 Stuttgart      http://aww.sel.alcatel.de/pub/it/general/zita5
˙ţfoo        a
 b      c d e f g h I

bar a
 b      c d e f g h I

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