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ESATAN mode for emacs

From: Albert Thuswaldner
Subject: ESATAN mode for emacs
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:39:04 +0100

Dear Emacs developers,

I have just created a major mode for GNU Emacs which can be helpful (I hope)
when editing ESATAN and THERMICA model files. I would very much like to
contribute it back to the community.

It is manily based on the fortran mode, with no major changes added at this
time. However I am planning to improve it, as I use it almost daily in my work.
Hopefuly it can be to some use for someone. 

For your information: 
ESATAN and THERMICA are two tools commonly used for Thermal analysis in the
space industry. 

Best regards,

Albert Thuswaldner

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Albert Thuswaldner, LS-AT                Saab Ericsson Space AB 
Systems Engineer                         Mechanical Products Division       
Guidance & Satellite Systems             Bröderna Ugglas gata   
tfn:    +46 13 18 67 37                  SE-581 88 LINKÖPING
fax:    +46 13 13 16 28                  SWEDEN  
e-mail: address@hidden

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