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can't exit

From: Edward Welbourne
Subject: can't exit
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 15:09:36 +0000

This bug report will be sent to the Free Software Foundation,
 not to your local site managers!!
Please write in English, because the Emacs maintainers do not have
translators to read other languages for them.

In GNU Emacs 20.7.2 (i386-debian-linux-gnu, X toolkit)
 of Sat Aug 18 2001 on gluck modified by Debian
configured using `configure  i386-debian-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr 
--sharedstatedir=/var/lib --libexecdir=/usr/lib --localstatedir=/var/lib 
--infodir=/usr/share/info --mandir=/usr/share/man --with-pop=yes --with-x=yes 

Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:

When I attempt to exit emacs (e.g. via C-x C-c), I get told about an
invalid function (see `Recent messages', below); yet, if I C-x e the
allegedly bad function, it evaluates just fine (to nil, the return from
featurep).  This has been happening for some time: I have to ask my
window manager to terminate emacs with extreme prejudice; merely
quitting produces the same error.  However, it doesn't happen for a
totally fresh emacs - I have to have been using it for a while before I
get this symptom.

I don't know what the bookmark stuff is about; best guess would be
w3-mode, but I haven't used it in years (let alone this session).  Any
clues to what feature I've used that might produce this effect ?  It
looks like something has hung this bookmark handler off an exit-hook of
some sort ...

Recent input:
C-x b * s c r a t c h * return C-y C-a M-f M-f M-C-f 
M-C-b C-x 1 C-e M-C-b C-e C-x C-e C-x 3 C-x b M-p M-p 
return C-x 0 C-b C-a M-f M-f M-C-f M-C-b M-f M-C-f 
C-x C-e M-C-b M-C-f M-f C-h v b o tab C-g C-a M-f C-h 
f return C-e C-x C-e C-x 1 M-x r e p o r t tab return 
c a n ' t SPC l o g SPC o u t M-backspace M-backspace 
e x i t return C-x k return C-x C-c M-x M-p return

Recent messages:
Mark set [3 times]
nil [2 times]
Loading /usr/lib/emacs/20.7/i386-debian-linux-gnu/fns-20.7.2.el (source)...
Loading /usr/lib/emacs/20.7/i386-debian-linux-gnu/fns-20.7.2.el (source)...done
Type C-x 1 to remove help window.  M-C-v to scroll the help.
Fontifying *mail*...
Fontifying *mail*... (regexps........)
(No files need saving)
Invalid function: ((lambda nil (and (featurep (quote bookmark)) bookmark-alist 
(bookmark-time-to-save-p t) (bookmark-save))))

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