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Re: unify emacclient and gnuserv

From: Martin Schwenke
Subject: Re: unify emacclient and gnuserv
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 12:41:41 +1100

>>>>> "RMS" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

    RMS>     The current XEmacs version of gnuserv.el was rewritten by
    RMS>     Jan Vroonhof and Hrvoje Niksic.  Both of them have
    RMS>     assigned copyright on past and future XEmacs work to the
    RMS>     FSF.

    RMS> If *all* the code in this version was written afresh by those
    RMS> two, then I expect we can use it.  However, we often say that
    RMS> people have "rewritten" a program when they kept some
    RMS> substantial parts of the old code.

    RMS> In this case, if the old code was written by Andrew Norman
    RMS> then we can use that too.  But we need to find out.  Do you
    RMS> want to study the issue?

OK, I'll look at various versions and "chat" to Jan and Hrvoje and see
what I can find out...

The only problem is that these sorts of discussions tend to disappear
into a black hole...  :-(

I'll report back when I find something.  Otherwise I'll just get
frustrated and add the features I wanted to gnuserv.el from

peace & happiness,

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