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emacs 21.1: printing on hp laserjet p5 under WindowsNT fails

From: Rommerskirchen Heinrich
Subject: emacs 21.1: printing on hp laserjet p5 under WindowsNT fails
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 10:15:08 +0100

I can print with emacs 20.6 but not with 21.1

OS version: Windows NT 4.0, Servicepack 6
Emacs versions (binaries downloaded from a gnu mirror):
 GNU Emacs 20.6.1 (i386-*-nt4.0.1381) of Tue Feb 29 2000 on buffy
 GNU Emacs 21.1.1 (i386-msvc-nt4.0.1381) of 2001-10-22 on buffy
Printer: HP Laserjet P5 

I used "NET USE.." to connect a network printer with LPT2. 
  emacs-20.6\bin>runemacs.exe --no-init
  In *scratch evaluate 
    (setq ps-printer-name "lpt2"
          printer-name    "lpt2")
  find-file any-file
  select "Postscript Print Buffer" from the menu
  and voilà there is the hardcopy

same procedure with emacs 21.1: no hardcopy, no error, message no nothing
even though the printer is set to print error pages.

Printing to a file ('C-u M-x ps-print-buffer') and then sending it via
"copy test.ps lpt2" on the command line shows, that the postscript is not
understood by the printer.

"M-x lpr-buffer RET" works in both versions of Emacs.

I found a workaround:
Write a function to set the variables ps-print-prologue-1 and
ps-print-prologue-2 to the values they get in the defvar in ps-print from
emacs 20.6 (the ones starting with 
"% ISOLatin1Encoding stolen from ps_init.ps in GhostScript"),
 add this function to print-hook, and everything works fine.

     Heinz Rommerskirchen
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> SIEMENS AG         Information and Communication Networks
> ICN WN CC SE 32            System Engineering
Heinrich Rommerskirchen Tel.:      +49 89 722 42591
> Hofmannstr. 51                FAX.:    +49 89 722 22090
> D-81359 München               E-Mail:   address@hidden 
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