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add keystroke to put current filename into killstring

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: add keystroke to put current filename into killstring
Date: 16 Mar 2002 23:04:52 +0800
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There ought to be a keystroke command to put the current file or
buffer name into the kill string.  Adding C-u should get the whole
path, otherwise just the last component, for filenames.  I got this
idea from dired-copy-filename-as-kill, but feel this is so useful that
it should be generalized.  Yes, I know what I want takes 1 line of
code.  Anyway, how about instead of somebody posting the answer and we
all bind it to different keys in .emacs, at least the official
key binding for the next emacs edition should be announced, so we can
get into the right habit today, even though just putting it into
.emacs for now ---- assuming it is such a super idea in the first place.
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