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Re: Hard to debug with (load nomessage)

From: Järneström Jonas
Subject: Re: Hard to debug with (load nomessage)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:47:35 +0100

Kevin Rodgers wrote:

> > Then your users get the behavior you want, and you can debug by setq'ing
> > load-nomessage.

Thanks for the suggestion.
However I think the fix I applied is sligthly better:
(load x 'nomess)
(message nil)
in that the trace messages are always existent for inspection in the *messages*
without having to ask a remote user to set some switch in his .emacs and rerun
and then remove the switch afterwards.
This way I can also include the *messages* content in a send-bug-report command,
just like they do in the standard send-bug-report command.

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