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Re: `print' does not print

From: Ralf Fassel
Subject: Re: `print' does not print
Date: 21 Mar 2002 19:49:21 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2

* "D. Goel" <address@hidden>
| > Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this, at least not on a tty
| > running on Debian.  It works for me, both in Emacs 21.1 and 21.2.
| > Can you two try this in "emacs -nw"?

Does not work for me in 21.2 with or without -nw

% emacs-21.2 -nw -q -batch -no-site-file -l ./foo

| What is funky is that for *me*, it does not work with emacs-20.3
| (see below).  Ralf, do you really get the exact opposite of what i
| get, or did you misword your report?

I have no emacs 20.x at hand, only the 19.34 (which works) and two
xemacsen (20.4 and 21.4.6, all of which work).  So no, I don't get the
exact opposite, since I haven't any of your emacsen at hand.  Is that
a sufficient answer to your question (not sure whether I understood it

I'm about to compile 21.1 to see whether the problem persists.


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