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set-goal-column Help improvement

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: set-goal-column Help improvement
Date: 22 Mar 2002 11:54:01 +0800
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Help> set-goal-column:
Help> Set the current horizontal position as a goal for C-n and C-p.
Help> Those commands will move to this position in the line moved to
Help> rather than trying to keep the same horizontal position.
Help> With a non-nil argument, clears out the goal column
Help> so that C-n and C-p resume vertical motion.

don't you also want to say "and arrow keys, etc.", in addition to just
C-n and C-p?

Indeed, perhaps scan the rest of the emacs doc strings for similar

And hmmm, maybe also have a setting so one can either use the arrows
or C-p,n to do the non goal-column behavior at the same time C-p,n or
the arrows do the goal-column behavior.
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