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dired recursive marks

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dired recursive marks
Date: 22 Mar 2002 14:07:47 +0800
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Help> m runs the command dired-mark
Help> Mark the current (or next ARG) files.
Help> If on a subdir headerline, mark all its files except `.' and `..'.

OK, but you don't say how to mark the subdir and its subdirs too all
at once.

Info> `T'
Info>      (`dired-do-toggle') Toggle marks.  That is, currently marked files
Info>      become unmarked and vice versa.  Files marked with other flags
Info>      (such as `D') are not affected.  The special directories `.' and
Info>      `..' are never toggled.

Lies, lies!  It is bound to t etc., not T.  By the way, this could be
the recursive marker that we were looking for above, however it will
only work if we are willing to mark up the whole dired buffer's worth
of files, not a particular tree in the dired buffer.  Anyway, one
would do * / t to mark all files in the buffer, but not directories.
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