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dired-do-query-replace-regexp's Help mentions M-, perhaps over enthusias

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dired-do-query-replace-regexp's Help mentions M-, perhaps over enthusiastically
Date: 22 Mar 2002 19:27:09 +0800
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Help> dired-do-query-replace-regexp is an interactive compiled Lisp
Help> function in `dired-aux'.  (dired-do-query-replace-regexp FROM TO
Help> &optional DELIMITED)
Help> Do `query-replace-regexp' of FROM with TO, on all marked files.
Help> Third arg DELIMITED (prefix arg) means replace only
Help> word-delimited matches.  If you exit (C-g or ESC), you can
Help> resume the query replace

is that the modern way to quit these days?  What about q?  If one hits
ESC, emacs waits for a second char these days.

Help> with the command M-,.

Huh?  And from what buffer must this M-, be issued?  Doesn't it only
apply if one was doing a M-x tags-search or M-x tags-query-replace
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