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Re: Building Emacs 21.2 - using X-windows (newbie question)

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Building Emacs 21.2 - using X-windows (newbie question)
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:10:07 +0200 (IST)

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Piet Suy wrote:

> I don't succeed in compiling emacs 21.2 so that X is used.
> When I run the configure-script, the X windows libraries and
> headers are not found.

Please send the full transcript of the failed configure run (the one 
without the --x-includes and --x-libraries options), and also the file 
config.log created when it runs.

> I tried to add them with the --x-includes
> and --x-libraries options (like this: ./configure 
> --x-includes=/usr/X11R6/include --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib),
> but compilation failed, ending with the error:
> gcc -c -D_BSD_SOURCE -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../src 
> -I/home/piet/emacs-21.2/lib-src -I/home/piet/emacs-21.2/lib-src/../src 
> -D_BSD_SOURCE   -g -O2 -Demacs  /home/piet/emacs-21.2/lib-src/movemail.c
> /home/piet/emacs-21.2/lib-src/movemail.c: In function `strerror':
> /home/piet/emacs-21.2/lib-src/movemail.c:947: conflicting types for 
> `sys_errlist'
> /usr/include/stdio.h:554: previous declaration of `sys_errlist'
> make[1]: *** [movemail.o] Fout 1

This indicates that the configure script thinks your library doesn't have 
the strerror function.  I'd be surprised if that were true for a 
GNU/Linux system.  The file config.log should show why the test for 
strerror failed.

(IIRC, you posted an identical report to gnu.emacs.help, and I replied 
with almost identical questions there.)

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