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emacs 21.2 crashes immediately (new build on Intel/Solaris 8)

From: Frosch, Johan W (Hans)
Subject: emacs 21.2 crashes immediately (new build on Intel/Solaris 8)
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:27:46 -0600

To:      address@hidden
Subject: emacs 21.2 crashes immediately (new build on Intel/Solaris 8)

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not to your local site managers!!
Please write in English, because the Emacs maintainers do not have
translators to read other languages for them.

Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:


emacs 21.2.1 crashes immediately (new build on Intel/Solaris 8)

In GNU Emacs 21.2.1 (i386-pc-solaris2.8, X toolkit) of Mon Mar 25 2002 on dev08
configured using `configure  --with-x-toolkit=yes'

./configure --with-x-toolkit=y       : The screen-output is attached at the end

make                                 : Completes without problems

NO changes were made to any of the source-files.

Trying to run the new src/emacs executable results in a core-dump with message:

$ src/emacs -q
Fatal error (11).Segmentation Fault(coredump)


Hardware: DELL Precision 420 Workstation (933 MHz; 512 MB RAM)

Software: Operating system - INTEL Solaris 8
          Compiler         - Proworks compiler PC3.0.1 21 Jan 1995

I use emacs on all platforms I work with (WinNT4.0, Win2K, Solaris, etc.), and
use the same distribution for building all my Emacses (and, my Win2K version,
built with this same distribution works perfectly so far):



Removal of the optimization flag -O from CFLAGS in several Makefile's
and remaking emacs did not have any effect on the problem, except that
the debugger now provides some more info:

Setting a break on function set_lface_from_font_name() in file xfaces.c
and stepping through the code with the debugger reveals following:

 -1-  Line 3138:
      char *font_name = XSTRING (fontname)->data;
      ==>> font_name = "7x13bold"

 -2-  Line 3142 step into function:
      fontset = fs_query_fontset (fontname, 0);
      ==>> segmentation violation

extract from: xfaces.c

3126 static int
3127 set_lface_from_font_name (f, lface, fontname, force_p, may_fail_p)
3128     struct frame *f;
3129     Lisp_Object lface;
3130     Lisp_Object fontname;
3131     int force_p, may_fail_p;
3132 {
3133   struct font_name font;
3134   char *buffer;
3135   int pt;
3136   int have_xlfd_p;
3137   int fontset;
3138   char *font_name = XSTRING (fontname)->data;
3139   struct font_info *font_info;
3141   /* If FONTNAME is actually a fontset name, get ASCII font name of it.  */
3142   fontset = fs_query_fontset (fontname, 0);



(dbx) where
=>[1] strcpy(0x851c600, 0x485d6e00), at 0xdf7ccd82
  [2] set_lface_from_font_name(f = 0x851c600, lface = 1214082560, fontname = 
944929972, force_p = 1, may_fail_p = 1), line 3162 in "xfaces.c"
  [3] realize_default_face(f = 0x851c600), line 6124 in "xfaces.c"
  [4] realize_basic_faces(f = 0x851c600), line 6064 in "xfaces.c"
  [5] update_face_from_frame_parameter(f = 0x851c600, param = 406016508, 
new_value = 944930228), line 4275 in "xfaces.c"
  [6] x_set_foreground_color(f = 0x851c600, arg = 944930228, oldval = 
944930228), line 1393 in "xfns.c"
  [7] x_set_frame_parameters(f = 0x851c600, alist = 405949444), line 918 in 
  [8] Fmodify_frame_parameters(frame = 1213318656, alist = 1479693556), line 
2173 in "frame.c"
  [9] Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute(face = 406016580, attr = 405950044, 
value = 944930228, frame = 1213318656), line 4208 in "xfaces.c"
  [10] Ffuncall(nargs = 5, args = 0x804379c), line 2672 in "eval.c"
  [11] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942298600, vector = 1210734120, maxdepth = 6), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [12] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210733996, nargs = 4, arg_vector = 0x8043b80), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [13] Ffuncall(nargs = 5, args = 0x8043b7c), line 2707 in "eval.c"
  [14] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942315292, vector = 1210750904, maxdepth = 6), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [15] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210750712, nargs = 1, arg_vector = 0x8043f7c), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [16] Ffuncall(nargs = 2, args = 0x8043f78), line 2707 in "eval.c"
  [17] call1(fn = 406213476, arg1 = 1213318656), line 2456 in "eval.c"
  [18] Fx_create_frame(parms = 1481376916), line 4477 in "xfns.c"
  [19] Ffuncall(nargs = 2, args = 0x804410c), line 2659 in "eval.c"
  [20] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942314880, vector = 1210750416, maxdepth = 5), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [21] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210750292, nargs = 1, arg_vector = 0x80444e4), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [22] Ffuncall(nargs = 2, args = 0x80444e0), line 2707 in "eval.c"
  [23] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942269416, vector = 1210704908, maxdepth = 3), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [24] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210704824, nargs = 1, arg_vector = 0x80448b8), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [25] Ffuncall(nargs = 2, args = 0x80448b4), line 2707 in "eval.c"
  [26] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942265752, vector = 1210701312, maxdepth = 4), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [27] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210701180, nargs = 0, arg_vector = 0x8044c90), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [28] Ffuncall(nargs = 1, args = 0x8044c8c), line 2707 in "eval.c"
  [29] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942420052, vector = 1210856764, maxdepth = 5), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [30] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210855484, nargs = 0, arg_vector = 0x804506c), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [31] Ffuncall(nargs = 1, args = 0x8045068), line 2707 in "eval.c"
  [32] Fbyte_code(bytestr = 942416116, vector = 1210851716, maxdepth = 5), line 
716 in "bytecode.c"
  [33] funcall_lambda(fun = 1210851548, nargs = 0, arg_vector = 0x80453a8), 
line 2853 in "eval.c"
  [34] apply_lambda(fun = 1210851548, args = 405949444, eval_flag = 1), line 
2770 in "eval.c"
  [35] Feval(form = 1481365340), line 2055 in "eval.c"
  [36] top_level_2(), line 1254 in "keyboard.c"
  [37] internal_condition_case(bfun = 0x813126c = &top_level_2(), handlers = 
406071492, hfun = 0x8130f4c = &cmd_error(int data)), line 1267 in "eval.c"
  [38] top_level_1(), line 1262 in "keyboard.c"
  [39] internal_catch(tag = 406023844, func = 0x8131290 = &top_level_1(), arg = 
405949444), line 1030 in "eval.c"
  [40] command_loop(), line 1223 in "keyboard.c"
  [41] recursive_edit_1(), line 950 in "keyboard.c"
  [42] Frecursive_edit(), line 1006 in "keyboard.c"
  [43] main(argc = 2, argv = 0x8045700, envp = 0x804570c), line 1547 in 


$ ./configure --with-x-toolkit=yes

creating cache ./config.cache
checking host system type... i386-pc-solaris2.8
checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... cc
checking whether the C compiler (cc  ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (cc  ) is a cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... no
checking whether cc accepts -g... yes
checking whether ln -s works... yes
checking how to run the C preprocessor... /usr/ccs/lib/cpp
checking for a BSD compatible install... 
/export/home/impd/emacs/emacs-21.2/install-sh -c
checking for bison... no
checking for byacc... no
checking for ranlib... ranlib
checking for AIX... no
checking the machine- and system-dependent files to find out
 - which libraries the lib-src programs will want, and
 - whether the GNU malloc routines are usable
checking for special C compiler options needed for large files... no
checking for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS value needed for large files... 64
checking for _LARGE_FILES value needed for large files... no
checking for machine/soundcard.h... no
checking for sys/soundcard.h... no
checking for soundcard.h... no
checking for _oss_ioctl in -lossaudio... no
checking for sys/select.h... yes
checking for sys/timeb.h... yes
checking for sys/time.h... yes
checking for unistd.h... yes
checking for utime.h... yes
checking for linux/version.h... no
checking for sys/systeminfo.h... yes
checking for termios.h... yes
checking for limits.h... yes
checking for string.h... yes
checking for stdlib.h... yes
checking for termcap.h... no
checking for stdio_ext.h... yes
checking for fcntl.h... yes
checking for term.h... yes
checking for strings.h... yes
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... yes
checking for sys_siglist declaration in signal.h or unistd.h... no
checking for sys/wait.h that is POSIX.1 compatible... yes
checking for struct utimbuf... yes
checking return type of signal handlers... void
checking for speed_t... yes
checking for struct timeval... yes
checking for struct exception... yes
checking whether struct tm is in sys/time.h or time.h... time.h
checking for tm_zone in struct tm... no
checking for tzname... yes
checking for tm_gmtoff in struct tm... no
checking for cc option to accept ANSI C... none needed
checking for function prototypes... yes
checking for working volatile... yes
checking for working const... yes
checking for void * support... yes
checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... yes
checking for long file names... yes
checking for X... libraries /usr/openwin/lib, headers /usr/openwin/include
checking for malloc_get_state... no
checking for malloc_set_state... no
checking whether __after_morecore_hook exists... no
checking for stdlib.h... (cached) yes
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for sys/stat.h... yes
checking for getpagesize... yes
checking for working mmap... yes
checking for dnet_ntoa in -ldnet... no
checking for main in -lXbsd... no
checking for cma_open in -lpthreads... no
checking for XFree86 in /usr/X386... no
checking for Xkb... yes
checking for XrmSetDatabase... yes
checking for XScreenResourceString... yes
checking for XScreenNumberOfScreen... yes
checking for XSetWMProtocols... yes
checking X11 version 6... 6 or newer
checking X11 version 5... 5 or newer
checking X11 toolkit version... 6 or newer
checking for XmuConvertStandardSelection in -lXmu... yes
checking for XShapeQueryExtension in -lXext... yes
checking for X11/Xaw3d/Scrollbar.h... yes
checking for XawScrollbarSetThumb in -lXaw3d... no
checking for X11/xpm.h... yes
checking for XpmReadFileToPixmap in -lXpm... no
checking for jerror.h... yes
checking for jpeg_destroy_compress in -ljpeg... no
checking for png.h... yes
checking for png_get_channels in -lpng... no
checking for tiffio.h... yes
checking for TIFFGetVersion in -ltiff... no
checking for gif_lib.h... yes
checking for DGifOpen in -lungif... no
checking whether netdb declares h_errno... yes
checking for working alloca.h... yes
checking for alloca... yes
checking for sqrt in -lm... yes
checking for maillock in -lmail... yes
checking for maillock in -llockfile... no
checking for liblockfile.so... no
checking for touchlock... yes
checking for maillock.h... yes
checking for gethostname... yes
checking for getdomainname... yes
checking for dup2... yes
checking for rename... yes
checking for closedir... yes
checking for mkdir... yes
checking for rmdir... yes
checking for sysinfo... yes
checking for random... yes
checking for lrand48... yes
checking for bcopy... yes
checking for bcmp... yes
checking for logb... yes
checking for frexp... yes
checking for fmod... yes
checking for rint... yes
checking for cbrt... yes
checking for ftime... yes
checking for res_init... no
checking for setsid... yes
checking for strerror... yes
checking for fpathconf... yes
checking for select... yes
checking for mktime... yes
checking for euidaccess... no
checking for getpagesize... (cached) yes
checking for tzset... yes
checking for setlocale... yes
checking for utimes... yes
checking for setrlimit... yes
checking for setpgid... yes
checking for getcwd... yes
checking for getwd... yes
checking for shutdown... yes
checking for strftime... yes
checking for getaddrinfo... yes
checking for __fpending... yes
checking for mblen... yes
checking for mbrlen... yes
checking for strsignal... yes
checking for setitimer... yes
checking for ualarm... yes
checking for index... yes
checking for rindex... yes
checking for gai_strerror... yes
checking for mkstemp... yes
checking for sys/time.h... (cached) yes
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for alarm... yes
checking for working mktime... yes
checking for getloadavg... yes
checking for getloadavg... (cached) yes
checking whether getloadavg requires setgid... no
checking for _LARGEFILE_SOURCE value needed for large files... no
checking for fseeko... yes
checking for grantpt... yes
checking for getpt... no
checking for tparm in -lncurses... no
checking for dgettext in -lintl... yes
checking whether localtime caches TZ... no
checking for gettimeofday... yes
checking whether gettimeofday can accept two arguments... yes
checking for struct timezone... yes
checking for socket... yes
checking for netinet/in.h... yes
checking for arpa/inet.h... yes
checking whether system supports dynamic ptys... yes
checking for pid_t... yes
checking for vfork.h... no
checking for working vfork... yes
checking for size_t... yes

Configured for `i386-pc-solaris2.8'.

  Where should the build process find the source code?    
  What operating system and machine description files should Emacs use?
        `s/sol2-5.h' and `m/intel386.h'
  What compiler should emacs be built with?               cc -g -O
  Should Emacs use the GNU version of malloc?             yes
  Should Emacs use a relocating allocator for buffers?    yes
  Should Emacs use mmap(2) for buffer allocation?         no
  What window system should Emacs use?                    x11
  What toolkit should Emacs use?                          LUCID
  Where do we find X Windows header files?                /usr/openwin/include
  Where do we find X Windows libraries?                   /usr/openwin/lib
  Does Emacs use -lXaw3d?                                 no
  Does Emacs use -lXpm?                                   no
  Does Emacs use -ljpeg?                                  no
  Does Emacs use -ltiff?                                  no
  Does Emacs use -lungif?                                 no
  Does Emacs use -lpng?                                   no
  Does Emacs use X toolkit scroll bars?                   no

updating cache ./config.cache
creating ./config.status
creating Makefile
creating lib-src/Makefile.c
creating oldXMenu/Makefile
creating man/Makefile
creating lwlib/Makefile
creating src/Makefile.c
creating lisp/Makefile
creating leim/Makefile
creating src/config.h
creating src/epaths.h
creating lib-src/Makefile
creating src/Makefile


If I can help with more info, please let me know.

(I reported the exact same problem with regards to emacs-21.1 in November 2001)


Hans Frosch

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