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ADV - PMI New Services A11

From: address@hidden
Subject: ADV - PMI New Services A11
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 06:57:59 -0500


Do You Supply...

Music & Education?

Video Projectors?

Ministry Software?

Office Systems & Equipment?

PMI Survey

Practical Ministry Innovations (PMI) is a biweekly electronic news broadcast published by the Aristotle Institute. It's written by ministry leaders from around the nation and contains articles and insights on issues affecting the church, ministries and non-profit organizations.

The Aristotle Institute is working on a project to develop new ministry tools for pastors, churches, church groups and their ministries. Please help us and your members by answering a few questions:




Does your church/worship facility have facilities/equipment for multimedia playback?


Do you use multimedia content in . . .


    a. Sermons


    b. Worship


    c. Adult/Young Adult/Teen Sunday School


Do you currently use . . .


    a. Music


    b. Video


    c. Slide/photo presentations


Would you like to use . . .


    a. Music


    b. Video


    c. Slide/photo presentations


Is video/multimedia support helpful in the course of preaching and/or teaching "recurring themes?"


Do you incorporate video (from movies, television, news broadcasts or other sources into your sermons, worship, or adult Sunday school teaching?


Do you send eMail to your members?


Does your eMail contain your sermons?


Would you like the results of this survey?

If yes, please give us your name and eMail address:
Enter Name     
Enter Email Address     

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