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RE: Emacs crashes when using "fixed width" bdf fonts on Win32

From: Patrick J. Roden
Subject: RE: Emacs crashes when using "fixed width" bdf fonts on Win32
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:28:43 -0800 (PST)

Jason Romney wrote:


>Thank's for the report.

>> I have a screenshot of Emacs with the 34 line
>> I also have a gzipped tar ball of my bdffonts 
>> folder, containing the three fonts.  I have not
>> either with this bug report, but if you need them I
>> will send them to you.

>Can you please send these to me. I cannot reproduce
>the problem you described with the limited set of BDF
>fonts I have.


Sorry for the delay, but I think I sent the files to 
the wrong address.  I tried to reply to the address
of the person who responded to me.  I'm not sure if 
I was supposed to do that or not.  I'm a little new
to this.

I've included the tarball of BDF fonts that I'm trying
to use, along with two screenshots.  The first shot 
shows the white space displayed between the status bar
and the buffer, which has stopped displaying text at
line 34.  The second shot shows that when it initially
loads a file, the status bar is overwritten with some
of the contents of the file.

Hope these help.

Patrick Roden

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