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Problem with interpretation of <-Backspace key in version 21.2.1

From: Rabbe Fogelholm
Subject: Problem with interpretation of <-Backspace key in version 21.2.1
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 17:55:46 +0200

When using Emacs (and other programs) from a PC keyboard I am used to
thinking of the "<-Backspace" key as the key that erases the character
to the left of the cursor.

(To avoid any confusion: I mean the rightmost key in the 0123 row,
typically placed just above the Enter key).

In Emacs 20.7.1 the <-Backspace key does the right thing. In Emacs
21.2.1 this has changed--the character to the right of the cursor is
deleted. By doing M-X describe-key I get the following:

    20.7.1 says "DEL runs the command backward-delete-char-untabify"
    21.2.1 says "C-d runs the command delete-char"

My setup might be important. The PC runs Red Hat Linux 7.1 and KDE. In
that environment I run an xterm (version XFree86 4.0.3(156)). From the
xterm session I do an ssh login to a Solaris/SPARC machine that starts a
login shell which is 6.10.00 (Astron). From the tcsh prompt I start
Emacs with the -nw option.

(If I leave out the -nw option Emacs will run in its own window on the
KDE desktop, and in that case Emacs does the right thing with the
"<-Backspace" key regardless of whether it is Emacs 20.7.1.or 21.2.1, so
the problem seems to be confined to the emacs -nw invocation.)

--Rabbe Fogelholm, Stockholm, Sweden

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