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Re: Latin1 language environment breaks Cygwin shell buffer

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Latin1 language environment breaks Cygwin shell buffer
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 20:27:52 +0300

> From: Jason Rumney <address@hidden>
> Date: 06 Apr 2002 17:35:00 +0100
> I see why this happens now.  The Windows specific startup code tries
> to DTRT for default-process-coding-system, depending on which shell
> you are using.  But set-language-environment overrides this. I think
> an exception needs to be made within set-language-environment to not
> mess with default-process-coding-system on Windows, as the problem of
> different shells is too complex to deal with there. Alternatively, we
> could use the same logic as at startup, but if that did not DTRT and
> the user overrode it, it would only cause the same problems we are
> seeing now.

I suspect that the problem is with the EOL conversion in process I/O:
where w32-fns.el carefully sets up the EOL conversions as apropriate
for both input and output, the language environment leaves the EOL
conversion undecided.  Perhaps set-language-environment should inherit
the EOL conversion from the previous setting, at least on Windows?

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