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It is prompting me for a filename. I would like to fill in the current f

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: It is prompting me for a filename. I would like to fill in the current filename.
Date: 07 Apr 2002 17:41:05 +0800
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Let's say we are in the minibuffer answering a C-x C-w question or a
dired R or C question.  Wouldn't it be great if there were a keystroke
at this point to insert the current filename... as we probably just
want to make minor adjustments to it.

Sure we can use M-p and M-n, they will give us recent choices but not
the current filename in question.  I hit C-h m there and see I am in
Fundamental mode, thus no tips about neat keystrokes available, not
even M-n, M-p.  Wait, if I do C-x C-w C-h b I can see some stuff like
ESC v [odd, I thought we were supposed to call it M-v] Ok, but still
no current filename appender.  Currently the best we can do is hit w
in dired before we get here.

Note there are the current filename we are on (in dired), and the
actual current filename (for C-x C-w) -- two different origins of my
desired "current filename".

Oh, I just tried ESC v, and sure it helps a little with picking out
the current filename, but it also doesn't give you a chance to then
edit it.  its just wham bam thank you maam.
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